• April 19.20.21, 2020 in Villa Boschi, Isola della Scala, a few minutes from Verona

    In the beautiful context of the prestigious Venetian villa, Italian and European natural winemakers present their wines to wine lovers and professionals for three days of celebration and work

Sunday 19, Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 April 2020 the 1st edition of Natural Born Wines – Fair of Natural Winegrowers opens in the fascinating setting of Villa Boschi, just a few minutes from Verona.

Why Natural Born Wines?

This fair of natural winemakers is born from the desire to give space and to introduce to enthusiasts and professionals a selection of natural winemakers who manage small and medium-sized farms.

Unique and unrepeatable wines to discover directly from the voice – and from the hands – of those who gave them birth.

A place of the heart

We have chosen to meet in a welcoming and relaxing place, but at the same time comfortable to reach and live: the agricultural barns of Villa Boschi that directly overlook the large garden.

A place full of history where you can rediscover the pleasure of taking your time to meet the wine.

Natural Born Wines

The natural parents of these wines are the winemaker, the terroir, the grape variety and the accidents of every single year.

They are born in the respectfully cultivated vineyard, from grapes lovingly accompanied in becoming wine without chemical aids and/or invasive physical treatments.

If you are a natural winegrower join us!