Natural Born Wines, Summer edition of the fair of winegrowers who respect nature

On Sunday 20 and Monday 21 June 2021 professionals and winelovers alike will come together in the gardens of Villa Boschi (VR) for the first edition of Natural Born Wines – Fair of natural winegrowers. An unmissable opportunity to enjoy wines born in small cellars, presented by winegrowers devoted to environmentally friendly agriculture.

This year the summer begins with a two-day celebration dedicated to wine enthusiasts who love wines made according to nature. The first edition (Open-Air version!) of “Natural Born Wines – Fair of Natural Winegrowers” opens on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 June 2021 in the gardens of Villa Boschi in Isola della Scala, a marvellous eighteenth-century residence in the Verona countryside, among rice fields, moats and ancient rural trails.

The event is hosted by Sorgentedelvino, the established Emilian Fair of Natural Wine which since 2009 has scoured the Italian wine territories in search of true wine jewels, demonstrating constant persistence and acuity in recognizing winemaking talent.

Over these two days professionals and wine-lovers can meet 70 winegrowers who have chosen respect for nature in all aspects of their craft. All participants adhere to the Charter of Principles that recognizes these common values: organic or biodynamic agriculture in the vineyard, wine made solely with the indigenous yeasts present on the grapes and limited (or zero) use of sulphites.

In the field of wine, biodiversity is a great value” – say the organizers – “not only for the vitality of the environment around vineyards, but also for the harmony and complexity of the wines born from these grapes”. And in this fair biodiversity is really so central! The winegrowers are reviving many wines from native vines, often saved from extinction through the passion of a few people who believed in them, wines from ancient vineyards that sustain a wonderful complexity of biotypes. These wines also bring a wide variety of territories with them: from wines born in the mountains to those who evoke the scents of the Mediterranean maquis, wines that preserve the imprint of the terrain on which they were born and of the environment in which the grapes ripened. Indeed, because when the purpose of winemaking is the expression of terroir and the personality of the vintage, it is only necessary to protect and accompany the grapes along their transformation into wine.

Presenting their bounty alongside the winegrowers will be several artisan producers of cheeses, preserves and cold cuts. Thanks to the participation of the Isola della Scala Rice Fair, visitors will also be able to discover and enjoy the local specialty: the rice Nano Vialone Veronese IGP prepared according to traditional recipes.

Two exciting days of tasting and exploration, meeting these brave and enthusiastic producers who put biodiversity at the core of their work, eschewing chemical treatments and cellar interventions, in the most relaxed, convivial and elegant surroundings. It’s also an opportunity to discover more about the world of wine through discussions with authors and experts that you can find in the coming days on the site of the fair. Natural Born Wines is made with the support of Rastal and Nomacorc – Vinvention.

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