Natural Born Wines – Fair of Natural Winegrowers is a project by Sorgentedelvino. Since 2008 we promote the knoledge of the wine which is born from a respectful relationship with the Earth and the people.

A critical and in-depth look at the wonderful world of “wine by nature” and a great passion for sharing discoveries made day after day: wines, people, terroirs, traditions. The moments we have created to make all this known are:, a website to inform about natural wine that was born as a meeting hub for wine-makers and wine-lovers.

Sorgentedelvino LIVE, one of the most known fairs in Italy that since 2009 presents winegrowers, ideas and of course wines with a ceaseless research and welcoming spirit.

Orange Wine – The new color of white, a small event dedicate to the skin-contact wines of natural winegrowers that is born in 2018 in the roundabouts of Piacenza in Northern Italy.

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